Local guests are welcome to visit and enjoy our pool area, clubhouse, use our gym and enjoy an evening of drinks and/or dinner. Below is a list of pricing and terms for a local day pass for each of these options.

Pool Area

  • Subject to occupancy levels on the day, a day pass may be issued for the use of the pool area between the hours of 10am and 6pm
  • The cost of P100 includes use of one giant pool towel per person
  • The consumable amount of P400 (P300 for groups, regular visitors, or by arrangement) expires at 6pm; late arrivals may be granted extra time, at management discretion
  • Purchases at discounted prices during happy hour or other events do not count for the consumable amount.ID and contact number must be provided and payment of fee and consumable amounts is required upon arrival
  • Groups should book in advance to facilitate entry and guarantee availability via payment of a deposit (minimum P1000) allowing the resort to arrange additional staff if necessary


  • P400 per hour, includes use of Aircon, audio and video, and access to minibar
  • Deposit or security (e.g phone) may be required
  • Maximum occupancy applies, up to 10/12 at management discretion


  • Dinner guests may use the pool; P100 per person for use of towel
  • All dinner guests (except infants) must order at least one main course or two starters/snacks/soups/salads. Meals can be served in Cafe Nemo, pool bar, pool side, or on the rooftop terrace


  • P200 per hour plus P200 per person, includes towel and use of shower beside clubhouse or beside pool

*Visitors agree to respect and be bound by the policies and rules of the resort.

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